Massage is an ancient form of healing used to relieve pain, boost energy, and rejuvenate muscles. It helps to break down muscle waste products while improving circulation and lymphatic function. It also helps to relieve accumulated stress and tension to restore flexibility, good posture, and homeostasis.

Signature Massage
$65 for 1 hour Uses long strokes and light to medium pressure to improve circulation and diminish stress.
Deep Tissue
$75 for 1 hour Lengthening and releasing neuromuscular tissue. Designed to alleviate chronic muscle tension, this massage works best on targeted areas.
Pregnancy Massage
$75 for 1 hour Our therapist use specialized body cushions and techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce swelling, and provide comfort.
Hot Stone Therapy
$120 for 1.5 hours This art of healing, bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints, stress, and a weary spirit.. Heated basalt stones are combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience. The therapist’s touch and warm stones will melt away stress and tension.
Sports Massage
$75 for 1 hour Designed to enhance the muscle’s recovery before and after a sports activity. It is used to relieve stress, tension and increase flexibility of specific muscles.
$75 for 1 hour Working reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to specific systems and organs within the body. Assists in relaxation, increases circulation, and helps the body to return to a state of balance.
Cellulite Lymphatic Drainage
$75 for 1 hour This technique stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn helps with toxic waste removal from within the body.
Cranial Massage
$75 for 1 hour Uses light, direct finger pressure to relax target areas in the face, neck, and scalp; Reinstates physical, emotional, and mental well-being through increased circulation and energy flow to these areas.
Shiatsu Massage
$75 for 1 hour Uses pressure and stretching instead of kneading and friction. Shiatsu works on the body’s acupressure points, helping to balance energy flow and strengthen vital organs.