Bath & Spa

~ $15 for up to 1 hour
~ $100 for 10 Visit Pass
Enjoy the therapeutic and cleansing benefits of our Finnish-style Sauna. The dry heat helps to induce relaxation, relieve muscle and joint pain, and expel toxins. For the bold – oscillating between the Sauna and a cold shower enhances circulation and helps to boost your immune system.
Far Infra-red Bed (SOQI)
~ $100 for up to 1 hour
~ $750 for 10 Visit Pass
Total health management. The perfect combination of  eastern traditional medicine and western health technology. Energy, oxygen and light therapy are the essential elements needed to achieve great health.
Aromatherapy Spa
~ $35 for 25 minutes
~ $250 for 10 Visit Pass
Our Aroma Spa is a personal steam bath customized with the flower or plant essences of your choice. The deep penetrating moist heat will help boost your immune system, relieve muscle and joint pain, and deep cleanse your skin. Each detoxifying treatment will leave your body feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.